Our Mission

Champtime shares your games, challenges and competitive moments with the world by using photos, videos and insights to capture the experience that inspires success.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that every person has a talent. And when talent is greeted with commitment and hard work, the chance at success substantially improves. We also believe that a person’s “competitive spirit” is the driving force behind any significant achievement. Competition can elevate skills and unlock hidden potential. It can build character and trust while making different people more similar. It can even be a catalyst for change, capable of transcending societies and shaping the world we live in. Our purpose is to capture this experience so that great moments can be celebrated in the present and remembered in the future. So, whether it’s winning a little league baseball tournament, a national robotics competition, or an employee of the year award... we simply believe that competition creates transformative experiences that deserve timeless recognition.

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