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Champtime is FREE for any user. And with a paid subscription, your school or business can display achievements on television monitors creating your own local wall of fame.

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School Benefits

Wall of Fame: A timeless place to honor the best.

Time Saver: One-click to archive and stream achievements.

School Culture: That values student success.

Student Benefits

College Portfolios: A personal showcase for future endeavors.

Recognition A powerful way to display student Success.

FREE: iOS App and Website.

Business Benefits

Free App & Website

Increase Customer Traffic

Support Local Achievement

Recognize Success

Give Customers Ownership

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How It Works

Create a Free account and start following local teams and people. Encourage users to tag you with awards and content. When you find photos and videos relevant to your local area, simply place them in your "showcase". Using Wifi and a screen plug-in device provided by Champtime, the "showcase" streams to a monitor in your school or business for everyone to enjoy.